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VALUES VALUE is a recruiting and HR consulting company, the main expert in the Russian-speaking game development industry that helps studios hire teams and headhunt executives, build people management processes, set up new offices in CIS region and promote their employer’s brand. Our team helps gamedev professionals create better games by matching them with great companies, improving HR, PR and recruiting processes in their current companies and designing individual career plans.

A 2017 founded company, VALUES VALUE has a proven success story in consulting both companies and professionals, talent acquisition and executive search. Our deep understanding of games production, all stages of development and promotion, employers’ needs and employees’ aspirations create additional value for everyone we work with. VALUES VALUE believes that our core client is a happy employee.

We aim at building a strong brand of specialists related to HR management and recruiting in gamedev industry.


VV Recruiting

Yes, we hire! Our networking skills, a day-to-day growing database of more than 19 000 game developers, inhouse and freelance teams of recruiters, partnership with conferences, schools and media help us hire teams, professionals and executives fast and successfully. We choose deliberately who to partner with. We pay much attention to culture and values of employers and future employees. We provide transparent vision of the recruiting pipeline to both sides engaged in the process.

VV Consulting

People matter! Game developers focus on games and their promotion. We help game developers focus on their employees. Starting with a company review and in-depth audit of HR, recruiting and employer branding processes, following with designing strategies and operational plans of improvements, up to ongoing consulting and training our clients’ talent management specialists.

VV Office Setup

Oh, yeah, we’ve done that before! Our team provides full-cycle service of market researching, strategic planning, designing the legal and financial structure, replicating culture and values of the head office, finding and equipping the working area, building a network of contractors and suppliers, hiring the managing and administrative staff and promoting the newly established unit.

Start a new studio in CIS

VV Relocation

Move it! We value cultural diversity and exchange, that is why we help overseas companies in talent acquisition throughout Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and CIS region. Our database of CIS companies tagged by location, game genre, platforms and key expertise lets us find studios-lookalikes and take quick decisions of where to headhunt the exact candidate for the known project and task.

Manage your talents better

VV Public Relations

Light the fire! Attracting, retaining and engaging employees is way easier with a proper employer branding, positioning and coverage in media. Our team helps establish inner and outer communications according to the company’s strategy, culture, hiring plans, business development activities, budget, messages and core audience.

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