About Us

Values Value is a Ukrainian team of game development talent acquisition experts.
Since 2017 we have assembled a team of awesome professionals with executive-level experience in HR and game development. The company was founded in Kyiv and is owned and managed by 6 women. We’ve been working totally remotely since the first day. Our team is 15 people strong and works from home offices in Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia and Ukraine.

We focus on the games industry because we love games and have extensive prior experience in game development studios. Most of the partners have 5-10 years of experience in games and 10+ years in HR and recruitment. We are a part of the game development community: as authors and co-organizers of the labor market reviews and salary researches; as co-founders of one of the Ukrainian games industry association; as a part and co-organizers of women in games activities; by running a 1400+ gamedev HR community; as an ambassador of ethics, diversity and inclusion in the Сyrillic region; by numerous educational activities as authors and lecturers; by organizing the biggest Job Boards at the gamedev conferences and helping thousands of people build their career in games. 

Values Value initiatives

We maintain a unified database with over 45k candidates, 1500+ of them are C-levels. Annually we fill more than 70 Senior+ level vacancies: CEO and Head of Studio, Producer and Game Designer, Art and Development, CMO and UAM. Sometimes there are challenging vacancies, but in general, we fill in the positions in about 40 business days. We make the recruiting process as clear as possible for companies and candidates.  

We highly appreciate every feedback: we ask for it from candidates and the hiring team, give our own and fight to make every specialist have it at every round of interviews. Due to our transparency the hiring teams see how candidates react to offers and make their own conclusions, as well as see how the market of candidates really works.

Our Values

Candidate is our core value

And for that reason, in all processes we are guided by our candidates’ interests and protect their right for comfortable conditions of work itself and the process of work changing, as well as the fair monetization of their experience. We promote a civilized, ethical approach to hiring and retaining specialists, and we choose the companies that we partner with carefully.

Development together with our clients

We are constantly learning and updating our knowledge. We try to help the companies that are our clients to discover their full potential and become the best places for our candidates and their current employees to work. When evaluating a company, we assess not only what it is like now, but how willing it is to change, grow and develop with our help and with the help of the candidates that we hire.

Sharing is caring

We are an entry point in terms of recruiting and HR for candidates and companies. We are ready to share our experience and expertise via free consultation for candidates and companies, and in open sources. We perform research, write articles, run courses, and prepare presentations for conferences. We invest in our industry and support it, involving various market participants and related industries in the process.

Belief in teams and balance

We are convinced that everybody is a personality with unique talents. Our goal of discovering and bringing together different superpowers of employees, rather than searching for individual superheroes, gives us a greater understanding of the market, makes us faster in hiring, and gives us access to warm candidates before others.
We create a safe environment for self-development and growth, we allow people to make mistakes, we show appreciation, mutual support, and respect for personal boundaries. We believe that you can enjoy your personal life and parenthood at the same time as devoting yourself to work in a company, with no need to choose between family and career development.

Love to games

We play games, we follow trends and we share information with each other. Our work allows worthwhile companies to find and retain excellent specialists, so that together they can create the best games on different platforms for the most varied players.


 Values Value has stopped its business relations with companies and partners from Russia and the Republic of Belarus