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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Kickstart Your Career in Game Development

By 01.11.2023November 2nd, 2023Blog

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Kickstart Your Career in Game DevelopmentHave you ever dreamed of a career in the exciting world of game development? If so, you’re not alone. The games industry is a dynamic field that’s constantly evolving, and it offers a plethora of opportunities for aspiring game developers. But how do you get started on this thrilling journey? This article provides you with a step-by-step guide by Values Value to help you break into the gaming industry.

1. Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

In today’s digital age, your online presence is crucial when it comes to job hunting. Start by creating and meticulously filling out your LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, a well-crafted profile can make you more visible to recruiters and open doors to incredible job opportunities.

Here are some key things to highlight:

  • Highlight any realized projects or a portfolio you’ve created.
  • Showcase your relevant experience in game development.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency with specific software.
  • Mention any certifications, volunteer work, or experiences that demonstrate your value to a company.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume and take your time to ensure it’s complete and professional.

2. Identify Your Dream Companies

As Steve Jobs wisely said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Identify the games companies you admire the most and make them your top priority when searching for internship opportunities. Some companies might actively advertise internships on their social media channels. However, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find any open positions. You can always reach out directly to inquire about internship opportunities.

Write a well-prepared cover letter that highlights your motivation, the value you can bring to the company, and the specific time frame during which you can contribute. Keep in mind that larger companies and outsourcing companies tend to offer more internship opportunities, but don’t discount smaller indie companies — opportunities can be found in unexpected places.

3. Timing Matters

Timing is crucial when searching for internships in the games industry. One of the best times to look for opportunities is during the January-February period. Many major gaming companies launch their internship programs during this time, scouting for fresh talent to join them in the summer. Ubisoft is just one example of such a company.

However, different companies may have varying internship schedules, so it’s essential to research your preferred companies and their typical recruitment timelines. Keep in mind that smaller companies may not always advertise internships publicly, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about potential opportunities.

4. Build Your Company List

Not sure which games companies to target? A great resource is to consult a recruitment agency, especially those that regularly attend gaming conferences. They often maintain lists of game development companies for their own purposes. While they may not provide contact information, you can use this list as a starting point. You’ll have hundreds of potential companies to explore on LinkedIn and their official websites.

5. Be Visible and Gain Experience

Active participation and visibility matter in the gaming industry. As you embark on your journey to become a game developer, remember not to settle or despair. Look for additional opportunities to gain experience and enhance your resume and portfolio. Join indie development teams, participate in game jams like the Global Game Jam, Plarium game jams, and other similar events.

If you find it challenging to present yourself effectively, practice makes perfect. Attend interviews for the experience, and keep in mind that even if you face rejection in your first 20 attempts, there are numerous small companies with great work cultures that could offer you the opportunity to develop in a professional environment.

We prepared a relevant list of companies that provide internship opportunities regularly / in Autumn-Winter 2023 — Table of companies which offer internships.

Table of companies which offer internships

In conclusion, breaking into the game development industry requires a combination of a strong online presence, determination, and an active approach to seeking opportunities. By following these steps and maintaining your passion for gaming, you’ll be well on your way to realizing your dream career in the world of game development.

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