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Big Games Industry Employment Survey 2024 Is On the Air Now

By 14.03.2024Blog

Big Games Industry Employment Survey 2024 Is On the Air NowFor the eighth time, InGame Job and Values Value are launching an industry survey, the results of which will be available to all who are interested.

Take the survey

This year, the questions will focus on the well-being of games industry professionals: 

  • how layoffs have affected our confidence in the future, 
  • how we make career decisions, 
  • how these turbulent times impacted our incomes and attitudes towards employers? 

The survey will include new sections on mental health, discrimination, dream jobs, and current concerns. All of this will help us paint a picture of the industry in 2024 and draw conclusions.

  • It’s anonymous.
  • It will only take 7 minutes.
  • It is organized by a professional community interested in making the games industry a better place to work.

The survey results will be announced at the devcom conference in Cologne in August 2024. The report will also be published on the InGame Job platform in August 2024 and will be available to everyone interested.

We need your support right now to gather as much data as possible!


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