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Charity Initiative in Gaming Industry #StandUpForUkraine: First Results

By 01.06.2022August 15th, 2023Blog

We have launched a non-profit initiative that connects international games industry companies with game dev professionals fleeing war. In this article, we present the first results of this non-profit initiative.

A group of volunteers from the companies InGame Job, Values Value, GDBAY, Games Gathering and DevGAMM, as well as individual industry representatives have initiated charitable projects in several areas listed down below.

Helping Ukrainian game development specialists 

To date, May 27, 2022, 965 people have filled out the application and a lot of them have already found a job. There are several reviews you can read in the Boost InGame Job portal.

Helping Ukrainian game studios and businesses 

58 companies and businesses filled out an application for getting some help and 257 global companies offered to help. The range of assistance offered is quite wide: providing discounts and special conditions for various services and working tools for relocations; searching for investments, publishers, clients for outsourcing, and service businesses.

Read more about the results of initiative and needs of Ukrainian businesses in this article.

Supporting volunteers from the gaming industry in Ukraine

The purpose of this project is to provide information support to our colleagues in the industry who, voluntarily, help people suffering from war. Volunteers can fill out a special form, leave details for fundraising and talk about their activities. A list of verified initiatives was published on the website.

Tanja Loktionova, Founder of Values Value and Co-founder of InGame Job:

It was vital for me to not only volunteer as an individual, but also to make an impact in the gaming industry, which I know well.

It was important not only to fundraise, but also to enable Ukrainian companies to receive real help and provide global companies with information about real assistance tools.

Behind the scenes, a lot of work has been done, and it continues.

Check out the InGame Job’s article to get more insights of the results.

Get more insights

You can read more about all branches of the initiative here:

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