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Dev Days Tallinn 2019: How a Gamedev company and a Junior meet each other

By 07.06.2019August 15th, 2023Blog

Our Chief Brand Officer Anastasiya Manina has visited GameDev Days Tallin 2019 where she told our colleagues about the current possibilities for Junior specialists to enter the industry, and profits that could be gained by companies of hiring Juniors.

The lecture was half based on a research and assessment of opportunities for  beginners to enter the Game Dev industry in the CIS, Ukraine, Baltic States and globally (educational programs, job search sites).
The second half was based on information obtained during a survey of employers and employees of the Baltic region on how they are doing with the recruitment and development of young professionals.

Thanks to the organizers, Anastasiya’s lecture is available on YouTube, and we are happy to share it with the world:

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