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Game Development Industry Salaries for 2019

By 23.04.2019August 15th, 2023Blog

The annual Big Salary Survey of gamedev in the CIS, Ukraine and Cyprus is over!
The number of responses this time, in 2019, is almost double the results of last year, which is incredibly cool! We are very grateful to everyone who took part – we did it together with you. 🙂

In comparison, the first Survey, conducted in 2017 collected 834 responses. The 2018 survey collected 1212 responses. Progress is obvious, – this year we received 2002 responses. Nevertheless, we are sure there will be more to come!

Now, heading straight to the most interesting part – check out few insights of what you can find in the survey:

  • It may seem unlikely, but the index of maximum salary by country is the highest in Ukraine with 17 000 USD; however, the median salary is the highest in Cyprus, 4000 USD.
  • The most profitable genre of game for Game Designers is educational. They get paid in such a genre with 2700 USD per month (median net salary); Fighting and Strategy are the second most profitable genres of game in which Game Designers get paid with 1500 USD per month (median net salary).
  • Analysts get higher salaries in Ukraine than in other countries whereas Business Development is highly appreciated in Europe with a high median salary – almost 2800 USD.
  • Talents with experience over 6 years in gamedev start to get close to the highest salaries possible – over 2000 USD per month.
  • There’s a higher chance that talents will be looking to change jobs if they work remotely.
  • The number one reason why talents are looking to change jobs is that they want to work on more interesting projects. The desire of moving to another country and earning more money are the second and third reasons.
  • Still, the most frequently used method to find a job is through friends in the industry rather than responding to open vacancies.
  • Number one reason for changing job location is the desire for a better quality of life.

Want more? Full results of the Big Salary Survey are now available to everyone!

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