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Game Development Industry Salaries for 2020

By 03.06.2020August 15th, 2023Blog

Game Designers get paid 1200 USD (median salary) in CIS. In Europe, their salary is higher, – 1600 USD per month. Senior Game Designer usually gets paid over 1800 USD per month, regardless of location. And the most profitable project genres for Game Designers are strategy, action/shooter and battle royale, especially, if it is hardcore segment.

Such statistics can be found in our annual Big GameDev Salary Survey 2020, our joint study with the inGame Job platform, which helps determine the level of compensation for specialists in the gaming industry. 

Would you like to find out more about how much others earn working in the same job position as you? No matter if you are an Analyst or PM, 2D Artist or Support Manager – you can find your job in our survey and explore some interesting insights; and not only about salaries. So, definitely give it a try!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped spread the word about the survey. This year we managed to collect over 2,000 responses from specialists of various skill levels. We even specifically took a time out to conduct an in-depth study of each category of respondents. As a result, we have an interesting analysis, from which you can learn a lot of useful insights about your job position.

We invite you to check out the results of the survey.

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