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How the Russian invasion influenced the 30 000 Ukrainian game dev specialists by Anna Klymovych

By 15.11.2022August 15th, 2023Blog

Back in October, Anna Klymovych, Recruitment Consultant at Values Value, attended the Games Gathering 2022 Bratislava conference to have a talk on how the war and Russian aggression influenced the 30 000 specialists industry in Ukraine.

Anna shared detailed analysis on the differences between Ukrainian game dev before the war, in 2021, and after, in 2022. She talked about changes in businesses and investments. Also, Anna shared the results of industry charity initiatives and the Big Ukrainian Salary Survey, which included information not only about salaries, but also about job change, eNPS rate, people’s plans for the near future and much more.

Thanks to everyone who attended this speech!
And special thanks to Games Gathering for such an opportunity to share our expertise and to talk about the situation in Ukraine. 

Now, there is a record of Anna’s talk, so if you missed it – check it out through the link:

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