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How To Negotiate Your Salary Without Falling Into The Bias Trap. Women In Tech Meetup Cyprus

By 06.12.2023Blog

Unlocking the path to equality in the games industry, Tanja Loktionova, Founder of Values Value and Co-Founder of InGame Job, led an empowering workshop on “How To Negotiate Your Salary Without Falling Into The Bias Trap”.

In an industry where women represent less than 30% of professionals, the workshop addressed the challenges that contribute to the undervaluation of women, especially in key positions dominated by men. Tanja shed light on the undeniable gender bias that often affects salary and benefit negotiations, empowering women to break free from hesitation and assertively pursue their careers.

Tanja conducted a workshop during the Women in Tech®Cyprus meeting in October 2023.

Participants delved into data-driven insights, gaining valuable advice on effective salary negotiation strategies tailored to the unique landscape of the gaming industry. From tackling bias head-on to fostering assertiveness, the workshop aimed to equip women with the tools they need to navigate negotiations successfully.

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