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How was DevGAMM in Gdańsk for Values Value

By 16.03.2023August 15th, 2023Blog

How was DevGAMM in Gdańsk for Values Value
We organized an offline and online career wall at the conference, where over 70 vacancies from different European companies were shown.

Sasha Kononenko, Lead Recruitment Consultant at Values Value, shared analytics and forecasts about recent layoffs in the games industry. “It was my first experience making an offline solo speech at the DevGAMM conference. It was amazing and I hope I’ll keep on going that road”, – says Sasha. 

Anna Klymovych, Recruitment Consultant at Values Value, moderated a panel discussion “HR’s view on the job search process in Polish gamedev”, it was also her first experience. 

Alina Alekseyevskaya, COO at Values Value, mentions that: “DevGAMM organizers are very talented in hiring wonderful people to their team, it’s always nice when they take care of you and help you sort out any issue.”

Our team agrees that it was an excellent, cozy, conference where you could communicate and share experiences. Our team liked that there was such a mix of nationalities, people often approached our table and the career wall. There was a nice audience for networking and a friendly atmosphere in general. And yes, the location near the sea was beautiful.

Finally, we want to thank DevGAMM for organizing a charity auction to raise money for Ukraine. “It touched me deeply. We really appreciate to see and feel the support of Ukraine not only with words”, – says Sasha. 

We definitely wish everyone to get a chance to attend future DevGAMM. And we’re looking forward to meeting you there and helping you to get your dream job or talented employees.

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