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Recapping Values Value’s Experience at Devcom/Gamescom 2023

By 31.08.2023September 7th, 2023Blog

devcom / gamescom – We have also been there!

For our team, the trip to the conference in Cologne was absolutely fantastic!

We had approximately 60 meetings, and many of them were incredibly informative and emotionally enriching.

We take pride in the fact that Values Value participated in organizing the Ukrainian Pavilion at Gamescom. It was truly inspiring! The pavilion was filled with people from morning till evening.

We are also proud that our partner and Lead Recruitment Consultant Sasha Kononenko, took part in a panel discussion about the state of the Ukrainian games industry. Thanks to all the visitors who expressed their support to us. It means more to us than just words.

“It was my first time visiting Devcom and Gamescom, and I must say it was incredible! Incredibly productive, informative, inspiring, and beneficial for both me personally and the company I work for. Especially, I felt that at these conferences, I had a mission to represent Ukraine, its companies, and candidates from the games industry. I wanted to share how we feel, how we work, and how we continue to develop despite the challenges around us.

I have now made so many new acquaintances – inspiring successful women who shared their knowledge on celebrating achievements and not being shy about them, successful representatives from major development companies who may not have known that Ukrainians can change jobs even during times of conflict and remain productive, and a multitude of incredibly supportive and enthusiastic people from all around the world working in the games industry.

Speaking so much for five consecutive days was exhausting, yet highly inspiring. Thank you, Gamescom, for all the emotions and new experiences”.

See you next year. We will be there again for sure.

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