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Should You Talk About Failures During An Interview?

By 11.09.2023September 17th, 2023Blog

Many of our clients who seek help in finding producers, CEOs, and other leadership positions want to see not only successful experience but also experience with failures. Why?

When a professional attempts to “revive” a failed project, they have the opportunity to take their soft and hard skills to a new level, look at the project and processes from an unusual perspective, and thereby gain completely unique experience. So, failure can be an excellent source of valuable experience.

When describing a failure, it’s important not to delve too deeply into the details or try to shift all the blame onto others. It’s advisable to choose a relevant case for the job vacancy.

By talking about failures, you demonstrate your honesty. There’s no point in hiding it in this case – a good recruiter will already examine the metrics of your project before the interview or can draw conclusions based on publicly available data that the project likely didn’t succeed.

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth! It shows your self-critique, ability to analyze and draw conclusions, resilience, demonstrates your competencies, and your focus on results.

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