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Summing up the DevGAMM Vilnius 2022 conference

By 13.10.2022August 15th, 2023Blog

DevGAMM team continues to publish videos from the Vilnius 2022 conference to their YouTube channel. So, now you can take a look at the talk “How have war and Russian aggression influenced the 30 000 specialists industry in Ukraine?” by Tanja Loktionova, Founder at Values Value.

Tanja shares a broad analysis of the state of the Ukrainian games industry in the video.
So, here’s a checklist of what you should’ve learned from it:

✅ salaries and benefits;

✅ the number of job opportunities since January 2022;

✅ impact on companies, employees and Russia-related businesses located in Ukraine;

✅ number of game developers fleeing war, relocation issues for businesses and individuals;

✅ how the international community helps Ukrainian gamedev;

✅ volunteers and charitable initiatives from games industry;

✅ game developers who combat and their stories;

✅ issues Ukrainian specialists face when trying to find a new job;

✅ war-life balance and how Ukrainians cope to work during such hard times.

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