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Summing up the Games Gathering Summer Online conference

By 21.09.2022Blog

Games Gathering Summer online conference was a great event for Values ​​Value. We organized an online job board together with InGame Job, thanks to all the participants and candidates who applied! Sasha Kononenko, Partner and Lead Recruitment Consultant at Values ​​Value, held a discussion panel about recruitment in Ukrainian game development during the war.

Brilliant participants of the panel discussion were: Yana Khnykina, HR Director at Pingle Game Studio; Svitlana Zotke, Head of HR at G5 Games; and Kateryna Liashenko, Recruiting Team Lead at Bini Bambini. The experts discussed what has changed in the hiring of Ukrainian specialists since the beginning of the full-scale war, the reality of relocation and remote work in European and Western studios, the attitude of game development professionals to companies associated with the aggressor-country and much more.

This panel discussion was uploaded to the official Games Gathering YouTube channel.
So, if you didn’t have a chance to attend it at the conference, you still got a chance!
??Discussion was held in the Ukrainian language. 

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