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The State of Eastern European Games Development Industry

By 07.11.2017August 15th, 2023Blog

Dev.Play Conference has organized a panel discussion where Tanja Loktionova (Evdokimenko), Founder at Values Value, together with Cvetan Rusimov (Imperia Online), Stan Just (CD Projekt RED), Adrian Djura (Eipix) and Sebastien Delen (Ubisoft) have shared their thoughts on what condition gamedev industry stands in their countries.

Find the snapshot of the gamedev industry in Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia and Eastern Europe as a whole. The panelists have shared the advantages the regions possess in terms of people, their ideas, culture that can spark great games and recruitment. They have also discussed the shortages that can be improved in order to have this region in more successful condition on a global scale.

Learn all the above and more in this video:

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