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What Are My Chances Of Getting A Salary Increase If I Ask My Employer And Present An Offer From Another Company As Leverage?

By 18.09.2023Blog

Based on the Values Value practice, there is a real possibility of securing a salary increase in such a scenario. In fact, some companies only offer raises when employees bring in outside offers. We once engaged in negotiations with employees from a well-known company and made three consecutive offers, all of which were declined because the employees received counteroffers. Later other employees from that company proved our hypothesis.

So, what else could happen if you approach your employer for a raise while demonstrating that another company is interested in hiring you?


First scenario:

You present a new offer, and your current employer counters with a better offer, which you accept, and you continue working happily.

Second scenario:

You present a new offer, and your current employer counters, but if your company has an immature culture, they might start viewing you with suspicion, considering you unreliable or disloyal.

Third scenario:

You present a new offer, and your current employer counters, but they quietly begin searching for your replacement and ultimately let you go after a couple of months. This reflects an immature company with a toxic work environment, although such situations do occur.

Fourth scenario:

You present a new offer, but your current employer doesn't counter and instead makes empty promises. You should be prepared for this outcome, evaluate the consequences, weigh the pros and cons, especially if you genuinely don't want to leave your current company and are simply bluffing.

Before you dive into salary negotiations, it’s a good idea to evaluate the maturity of your company’s culture and try to foresee how your specific situation might play out.

Remember, that only 6% of respondents of the Big Games Industry Employment Survey 2023 raised their salaries after they reported their desire to quit. So, in any case do not start negotiations by threatening to quit.

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