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Big Games Industry Employment Survey 2023: Report is Here

By 19.09.2023Blog

We are pleased to announce that the final report is live!

We have gathered 1610 anonymous responses from various European countries and beyond. Our respondents hold different positions in the game development industry and have varying levels of experience. Therefore, the collected data covers the entire industry and highlights the key trends in the labor market.

Read the full report to learn about salaries, bonuses, and compensation, as well as employee satisfaction with their incomes and employers.

An important part of the report consists of insights based on eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) analysis. This section will help companies assess what makes employees more loyal. We have even created a profile of the “ideal” company that a significant number of respondents would like to work for.

Another significant section of the report is dedicated to the gender wage gap in the industry. We have closely examined this issue and made interesting findings.

We haven’t overlooked AI either. Read the report to find out which specialties are more likely to use these technologies and how the industry perceives the growing AI trend.

You can now download the report on our website via the link: 

Big Games Industry Employment Survey 2023

This initiative was a collaboration between Values Value and InGame Job.

Also, don’t forget that all participants in our study have the opportunity to contact us ( for more detailed information about salaries in their specific specialties and grades.

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