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Hiring a Game Designer for a AAA Studio: Navigating Stop-List and Salary Constraints

By 27.06.2024Blog

Hiring a Game Designer for a AAA Studio: Navigating Stop-List and Salary ConstraintsAt Values Value, we were tasked with finding a Game Designer with experience in releasing projects on PC/Console. Key requirements included expertise in using Unreal Blueprints for prototyping and implementing features, critical thinking, and the ability to analyze gameplay systems. Strong communication and collaboration skills were also essential, as well as the ability to effectively present ideas to the team. Proficiency in English at an Upper Intermediate level or higher was mandatory for presenting and discussing ideas with international team, as well as writing technical documentation in English.

Project: PC, Console, Survival Horror

Desired Candidate Profile: 

We were looking for a candidate capable of designing, prototyping, implementing, and refining new features, as well as supporting and developing existing ones. The candidate needed to create and maintain detailed game design documentation, plan their work to ensure timely delivery of high-quality features, and collaborate with various departments to implement and enhance game features and content, ensuring design compliance.

Hiring a Game Designer for a AAA Studio: Navigating Stop-List and Salary ConstraintsChallenges:

  • A well-researched candidate market by the client company, with a total stop-list of 114 candidates.
  • Salary range restrictions. The task was to find a specialist with a salary of up to 3500 EUR. Average salary expectations for Game Designer positions on PC/Console projects using Unreal Engine are: 3500 EUR for middle-level specialists, 4500 EUR+ for senior-level specialists. We prepared a salary analysis.

What Helped to Fill the Position: 

  • Positive response from potential candidates to the vacancy, likely matching market demands.
  • Our sourcing and recruiting team explored various locations and donor companies, and posted the vacancy on job boards.
  • Various search sources were utilized: active job searches, within product and outsourcing companies, on job portals, and through recommendations.

Thanks to the positive response from candidates and quick feedback from the client, we were able to find a suitable candidate and close the vacancy on the 34th working day. The process was managed by our Recruitment Consultant, Dariia Tokar. Excellent work, Dariia!


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