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How to Assess The Real Atmosphere Within a Company During an Interview? I Don’t Want to End up in a Team With a Toxic Culture!

By 26.01.2024Blog

How to Assess The Real Atmosphere Within a Company During an Interview? I Don't Want to End up in a Team With a Toxic Culture!

If you’re not applying for a customer support position, check if the job description includes the word “stress resistance”. This could be a sign! 🙂

During the interview, pay attention to how the hiring managers communicate, what they say about their company, and how they speak about employees or a former employee in the role you’re applying for. We can’t guarantee that this will reflect the company atmosphere 100%, but it can give you food for thought.

Observe how both the recruiter and the hiring manager communicate with you, both in writing and during the interview. If you are criticized negatively during the interview or receive devaluing comments about your experience, it likely reflects the communication norms in the company.

If during the interview you sense that the company representatives are skeptical about values like work-life balance, it likely indicates a culture of overwork in the company.

Try to notice the condition of the interviewers themselves: are they openly tired and burnt out? Not a good sign.

Is it a stress interview? Run away if it’s not your thing.

Another red flag is a significant reduction in your financial expectations during salary negotiations or when the offer is presented.

Pay attention to manifestations of sexism; such attitudes often surface in spontaneous speech. If interviewers refer to colleagues as “girls” or express bias by stating that programming is a male profession, or if there’s a lack of diversity among managers, it’s a red flag.

Research company reviews online (Glassdoor, Indeed, DOU), check the news about the company. Talk to acquaintances who are current employees or ask for recommendations through recruiters in agencies (recruiters from agencies typically have a good understanding of the market and companies).

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for a job or if you want to get a sense of the job market.

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