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Global People Operations Trends in Games Industry 2024

By 14.02.2024Blog


In the fast-paced world of gaming, where innovation and creativity collide, the trends in people operations and human resources often mirror the dynamic nature of the industry itself. As we step into 2024, several notable trends have emerged, shaping the landscape of talent acquisition, workplace dynamics, and employee well-being within the games industry.

Layoffs on the Rise

Regrettably, the specter of layoffs continues to haunt the games industry. In the wake of economic shifts and strategic realignments, layoffs have affected at least 240,000 IT specialists worldwide. Companies, in a bid to prioritize existing talent and streamline operations, are opting for retention strategies over extensive hiring endeavors. Consequently, we’re witnessing a disheartening trend of layoffs within recruitment and HR departments, with some entities pinning hopes on advanced AI solutions to automate human-centric operations.

Alsom we see a transition from acqui-hiring to acqui-firing. We know so many examples when big companies were buying different studios (outsourcing, co-production, self-publishers or those who had a publisher) not only as a part of their M&A strategy to increase the company valuation, but also as a way to hire on a very hot market. Now, instead of acqui-hiring, we’ll see acqui-firing of entire companies, teams, departments and so on. 


AI Revolutionizes Hiring Processes

AI is reshaping the recruitment landscape, offering both opportunities and challenges. AI-powered bots now facilitate job applications on a massive scale, inundating recruiters with a deluge of responses. This influx, however, raises concerns about recruitment spam and the daunting task of sifting through a sea of applications. As AI increasingly assumes roles in candidate evaluation, the competition for standing out amidst the crowd intensifies, presenting a dual challenge for both job seekers and HR professionals.

Return to Office Mandates

Despite the surge in remote work trends, a counter-movement towards in-office presence is gaining momentum. Many employers are advocating for a return to office-centric work models, citing productivity and collaboration benefits. However, some companies are taking a more stringent approach, mandating employees to return to the office under threat of termination. Strategies like hot-desking are being employed to optimize office space and encourage a more dynamic work environment.

Global People Operations Trends in Games Industry 2024

Advocacy for Four-Day Workweeks

The demand for a four-day workweek is echoing louder within the games industry, particularly among top-tier candidates. Alongside competitive salaries and perks, candidates are increasingly prioritizing work-life balance, pushing for reduced working hours as a valuable employment benefit.

Shifts in Managerial Skillsets

The evolving demands of the industry are reshaping the skillset expected of managers. While communication and team development skills remain vital, the ability to navigate change, uncertainty, and risk has taken precedence in the current climate of rapid transformation.

Global People Operations Trends in Games Industry 2024

Push for Pay Transparency

There’s a growing global demand for pay transparency, driven by both candidates seeking fair compensation and governmental regulations. Companies embracing transparency not only foster inclusivity but also cultivate trust and accountability within their workforce.

Gen Z: A New Frontier

The influx of Gen Z talent into the workforce has sparked discussions on their unique traits and preferences. With a strong emphasis on self-representation, high self-esteem, and salary expectations, managing this cohort presents novel challenges and opportunities for employers.

AI in Recruitment Do Not Hit That Hard Yet

There’s also been much fuss about AI in recruitment compared to very little implementation of it. One of the researches held that 93% of HRs have not yet implemented any AI solution in their recruitment or HR process. Only 7% were in the face of implementation or at least were thinking about it. 

Global People Operations Trends in Games Industry 2024

Marketing Specialists Are Wanted Again

In contrast to 2022, this year there is once again a high demand for marketing specialists. In 2022, sales and marketing sectors experienced significant cuts, resulting in a sharp decline in job advertisements. Open positions for business developers were nearly non-existent.

However, this year, marketers are in high demand again. It’s not just about performance marketing with traditional user acquisition tasks. It’s about marketers with broad expertise in influencer marketing, traditional channels, non-traditional channels, and more.

Gender and Obesity Pay Gaps

The persistent gender pay gap continues to mar the industry, with female experts earning significantly less than their male counterparts. Furthermore, the emergence of an obesity pay gap underscores the need for greater awareness and advocacy for equitable compensation practices. The Economist found that obese men with a bachelor’s degree earn 5% less than their thinner colleagues, while those with a graduate degree earn 14% less. Obese women, it is true, still have it worse: for them, the equivalent figures are 12% and 19%, respectively.

As we navigate the complex terrain of the games industry, the trends in people operations serve as barometers of its evolving landscape. From the rise of AI-driven recruitment to the advocacy for equitable pay and work-life balance, the industry stands at a critical juncture of transformation and adaptation. 

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