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Inside Values Value: The Winning Processes that Fuel Our Success in the Games Industry Recruitment

By 02.08.2023August 16th, 2023Blog

Winning Processes of Values Value
In this article, we are delighted to share the key processes that have contributed to our success in filling vacancies efficiently and effectively. These practices have enabled us to build a talented and dedicated team of recruiters, making us the go-to choice for both candidates and clients alike.

Database of Candidates and Long-term Relationships

At Values Value, we understand the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships with candidates. Our extensive database of candidates — 40,000+ people — is a testament to the effort we put into building connections with potential hires over time. By nurturing these connections, we can match candidates with the right opportunities more accurately, resulting in higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Recruitment Case Studies: Empowering Recruiters Weekly

Knowledge sharing is at the heart of our team’s success. Twice a month, we conduct a zoom-call, where we all learn something new. By learning from one another’s experiences and challenges, our team remains adaptable and well-prepared to face any hiring scenario.

Sasha Kononenko, Recruitment Lead

The idea behind our Recruitment Case Studies Meetings was to have a platform for discussing both successful and unsuccessful experiences with various job openings. We’d delve into what strategies proved effective in filling vacancies and how we could have avoided certain mistakes. These meetings allowed us to come together and analyze these cases as a team.

Over time, we began to realize that each recruiter had their own areas of expertise. For instance, Dariia Tokar excelled with developers, while I found myself more focused on art and marketing positions. This realization led us to expand the scope of our meetings, where we started discussing the nuances of finding specific roles like 3D artists, UE Developers, and others.

To further elevate our expertise, we implemented a practice where one team member would prepare a mini-report on a webinar/course they attended. These mini-reports have proven to be valuable in boosting our hiring process’s efficiency and quality. They often touch upon individual OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and skill development, helping each of us grow.

Additionally, these meetings also became a platform to address any changes or updates in our recruiting processes. Open discussions about process improvements have contributed to our overall success as a team.

Seamless Recruitment: Cohesion and Collective Intelligence

At Values Value, we ensure seamless recruitment even in the absence of a main recruiter. Thanks to our resilient processes and open communication, every team member is equipped to handle vacancies, ensuring no disruptions. Our cohesive approach and regular team brainstorms foster creativity and problem-solving, enabling us to make informed decisions and find the best-fit candidates for every role.

Anna Vashchenko, Recruitment Lead

Despite each vacancy being assigned to specific recruiters and sourcers, the entire team collaborates on the hiring process. For instance, we recently had a case where I was handling a position, and we managed to fill it within just 13 days with a candidate Sasha Kononenko found. Our team’s strength lies in our regular discussions about search strategies, which kept Sasha well-informed about the specific requirements for the position, the project details, and the company background. As a result, her recommended candidate was a perfect fit and became the first to be invited to a technical interview, ultimately receiving an offer. The great thing is that we don’t compete internally within the agency; instead, we genuinely support and help each other.

Another interesting scenario occurred when we found a game designer just in 9 days. Sasha, who was originally responsible for this vacancy, was on vacation during that time. However, our teamwork spirit prevailed, and another recruiter identified a promising candidate, while a third team member efficiently handled the technical interview and helped the client with a job offer. By the time Sasha returned from her vacation, the position had already been filled.

I also experienced firsthand how valuable our collaborative approach is. During my recent vacation, Sasha stepped in and provided essential support to a client in creating a well-crafted job offer. She skillfully guided the hiring process to its successful conclusion. This episode showcased once again the power of teamwork and how it enables us to deliver excellent results for our clients.

Data-Driven Decision Making

At Values Value, we leverage data analytics to make informed recruitment decisions. By analyzing hiring trends, candidate preferences, and industry insights, we gain valuable intelligence that guides our talent acquisition strategies.

Daria Tokar, Recruitment Consultant

What helps us quickly fill vacancies, besides our collaborative team efforts? Firstly, it’s our proactive approach. Secondly, it’s the transparency and automation of processes – all stages of work on a vacancy leave a digital trail, and roadmaps are accessible to both our team members and the client at any time. Thirdly, it’s our expertise in the gaming industry and knowledge of the job market. We are aware of salary ranges, understand which professionals are in high demand at the moment, which projects are attractive to candidates, and which ones may require additional selling points. Often, young startups appreciate our ability to articulate their competitive advantages and successfully present them to candidates.

So, we think that our success in the games industry recruitment comes from key processes that work wonders. We build long-term candidate relationships with a huge database. Sharing knowledge through Recruitment Case Studies Meetings keeps the team sharp and adaptable. Seamless recruitment means no hiccups even without a main recruiter. Data analytics guides smart decision-making.

We invite you to work with us so that you can experience all of the above yourself!

Hire with us!

Inside Values Value: The Winning Processes that Fuel Our Success in the Games Industry Recruitment

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