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The State Of Play For Ukrainian Game Developers in 2023: Our Article on

By 30.10.2023Blog

Although the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has seen game developers there facing significant challenges, Ukraine’s gaming industry has also proven incredibly resilient and able to succeed despite the current circumstances. 

In the PG article, Katya Sabirova, Head of Communications at Values Value, together with some of the top experts reveal the state of the Ukrainian games industry, its vacancies, salaries and challenges ahead. All of them shared their views on the current situation on the market, which can also be proven by Values Value’ data analytics. 

Therefore, discover useful insights by: Olena Lobova, Founder of GDBAY, Olga Khomenko, COO/Co-Founder at PlayToMax, Iryna S’omka, Director of Business Development & Partner at Games Gathering, as well as our Sasha Kononenko, Recruitment Lead and Partner at Values Value. 

Check out the article and download our survey to get even more insights about the games industry!

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