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Four-Day Workweek. Is it Real?

By 20.03.2024Blog

Four-Day Workweek. Is it Real?Certainly, it is a reality. There are already companies that operate on a four-day workweek, and their number is growing. In Values Value, we even encounter candidates for whom this is an important condition.

– Of course, a four-day workweek may only be feasible in a well-established company with streamlined processes, as it’s hard to imagine this being possible in a company where overtime is a regular norm.

– Currently, we observe this trend most often in the following form: the fifth working day is left without calls and meetings, reserved instead for development and learning, set aside for non-routine tasks.

– When the crisis ends and the market returns to being a candidate-driven market, we believe this trend will reach a new level.

– You might ask, can you achieve as much in four days as in five? Will it be productive? If you critically analyze the weekly plans, for example, using the Eisenhower matrix, you can filter out the unimportant and distribute all tasks over four days. However, it’s important not to fall into the trap and allocate an extra 20% of time for unforeseen circumstances.

– The reality of working on a four-day week needs to be seriously calculated, taking into account the final cost of each employee’s working time, KPIs, all expenses, including considering the specific nature of the particular business. In recruiting, for example, one day of “non-response” can lead to the candidate accepting another offer.

We will be watching this trend with interest.

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