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Job Opening: Technical Artist

By 30.04.2024Blog

Job Opening: Technical ArtistCurrently, we at Values Value are looking for an experienced Senior/ Lead Technical Artist who will be responsible for forming pipelines, customizing rendering for project needs, conducting performance monitoring and so on. We need a specialist with a background of successfully released projects, deep understanding of wide range of art instruments and ability to create code on C#.

About the Employer

Our client is an enthusiastic young, motivated and passionate team who share the goal of making the best MMO Sandbox on mobile devices.The company is working on an open-world multiplayer online action game focusing on social interaction. They strive to create the best open-world gaming experience inspired by the GTA series. Project is at the stage of the Global Launch.


You will be responsible for the formation of pipelines and requirements for the produced visual content, taking into account the specifics of mobile platforms. Сollaborate with programmers to customize rendering for project needs, developm visual content, systems (shaders, lighting, cameras, scripts for visual tasks) and tools for automating those contents. Conduct performance monitoring of the visual aspects of the project (profiling), implement solutions for optimizing the performance of the graphical part of the project.

The Ideal Candidate has:

  • 4+ years of experience as a Unity Technical Artist
  • C# programming skills (coding)
  • Experience in:
    • writing tools and plugins for Unity
    • editing and developing shaders (HLSL, Amplify), including for mobile devices
    • optimizing graphic content for mobile devices
  • Understanding of real-time rendering principles and limitations across platforms
  • Understanding of visual content development packages (3D Max/Maya/Blender)

Desirable requirements:

  • Experience in developing projects which were successfully released
  • The presence of artistic taste
  • Skills in writing scripts and plugins for various graphics packages

What the Company Offers

  • Stable company with іnvestments from the largest gaming funds with great expertise in games
  • An ambitious, new project in the genre, that successfully passed all stages and is in global release from autumn
  • Interesting and challenging tasks
  • Opportunity to participate in decision-making regarding the development of the project
  • Flexible working conditions and a flexible schedule
  • The opportunity to assemble a team of Technical Artists in the future

If you see yourself in this description, please send your CV to

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