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Sasha Kononenko on Gamedev Camp – recruiter’s advice on how to get in the gaming industry

By 16.12.2022August 15th, 2023Blog

Online Gamedev Camp provides their students with a full set of mentors which guide them on the way to creation of a game that will showcase their individual skills. 24 students are working as a team there with the goal to create a game in 12 weeks.

Sasha Kononenko, Lead Recruitment Consultant at Values Value, visited Gamedev Camp as a speaker in November 2022. Sasha was there to answer some of the student’s questions regarding employment in the games industry. 

So, let’s head on straight to the world of recruitment!
We’ll see rare species of correctly composed resumes, read old tales about portfolios and cover letters that should be put in a frame, and make conclusions on how to do well like that and even better – to interest a recruiter specializing in the games industry.

Sasha Kononenko on Gamedev Camp - recruiter’s advice on how to get in the gaming industry

Let’s start with a resume: I recommend you to get acquainted with our partner’s blog post which already has all the necessary details about writing a resume for the game industry.
There are even more thoughts of different recruiters from different companies. So, definitely check this one out.

Also, you should take notice that Linkedin generally duplicates the structure of the resume. Which means, recruiters can look at your profile as they’re looking at your resume. What is more, filling your Linkedin profile can also help to get a recruiter interested in you.

Take a look at the examples of nicely filled with information linkedin profiles:
– Artist:
– Game Designer:

Is it worth highlighting the experience you got before game development?

If it is appropriate and, in the previous work, there are soft/hard skills that are also relevant for the desired role in the gaming industry (for example, PM positions, analytics, HR/recruiting, other positions that include management/team management or analytics).

How to present diverse experiences in a CV or during an interview?

Let’s take experience of 3D art and  working closely with a technical team, for instance.  This is cool because you can immediately announce at the interview that you are interested in development in the 3D field, but at the same time you can easily find a common language with programmers. Look at the description of the role of Technical Artist, you may be interested in development in this direction.

Portfolios are important for both artists and game designers. So, how to show your works, if they are under NDA?

The best way is to use sources like Artstation, Behance, and Gdrive/Dropbox, if there are works that cannot be shown in public access. 

Carefully go through the NDA again, – check what you can voice and what you can’t. Perhaps you can vaguely indicate the genre of the game and give reference projects.

What is more, we had cases when the key was to get to the interview with the hiring team and then show certain works in screen sharing mode.

If you are an artist, ideally, you should have several portfolios which will demonstrate different styles.

If you are a game designer, you should attach links to games, documentation (balance calculations, detailed features, even test tasks. etc.).

How to write a cover letter correctly?

You will do well if you will remember the main thing: a cover letter should answer the question of what value you can bring to the company in this position and why it should be you, and what got you interested in the company/project, etc. If you’ll mention these – that will be enough to create a good cover letter.

How to interest a recruiter?

As for the resume and portfolio, it is clear here – correct design, relevantly described experience.
As for the actual interview with the recruiter – do not be lazy to prepare in advance, conduct your own research on the company where you are going for an interview. Look at their articles/interviews in the media, play their games, look at game analytics on available services like AppAnnie. In advance, you can rehearse your speech about the presentation of your experience in front of a mirror or in front of someone close to you. Know your strengths and don’t be afraid to admit where your “weaknesses” or growth areas are. Be prepared for tricky questions, like “tell me about your biggest fail”.

Where should I look for a job?

You should monitor the job aggregator InGame Job. There are a lot of juniors and middles vacancies. And also, I would recommend to look closer to large companies and outsourcing companies – it’s more likely to get a job there.

Last words:

Get additional experience, if you are not lucky enough to get a full-time job right away, to present it in your resume and add to your portfolio.
Join indie teams, participate in various jams like, Plarium game jams etc.
And if it is hard for you to present yourself – just practice. Go for interviews.
I’m sure it will bear fruit.

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