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The State of Ukrainian Games Industry – by Alina Mudra

By 28.01.2022August 15th, 2023Blog

The video games industry in Ukraine is developing rapidly and its landscape is constantly changing. Alina Mudra, CEO at Values Value, has shared the research of the labour market and insights on current key players, investment activities and trends that will continue influencing Gamedev in Ukraine.

  • Interested in the statistics of how Ukrainian Game Dev looks like in 2022?
  • What is going on with job openings on the market?
  • What are the most wanted talents?
  • What has the global transition to remote work led to?
  • What is the percentage of Ukrainians ready to relocate?
  • What are the HR trends in Ukraine?
  • Answers to those questions and even more can be found in the video.

Learn more about the Ukrainian games industry.

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