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Values Value Continues To Mentor Gamedev Camp Graduates

By 26.10.2023Blog

We are pleased to announce that our Recruitment Lead and Partner, Sasha Kononenko, is continuing her work as a mentor, assisting Gamedev Camp graduates with career-related questions in the games industry. 

In October 2023, Sasha once again conducted a workshop for the graduates, sharing insights on how to search for their first job and internships in global companies, how to present themselves, how to write a cover letter, and what to pay attention to when creating a CV.

About Gamedev Camp

At the camp, students are working as a team with the goal to create a game in 3 months.
This season they had almost 40 participants work long and hard towards their goals and creating a project they can be proud of. At the end of the season, they had 9 amazing teams graduate with 9 unique game demos that showcase not only their great abilities but their determination and teamwork as well. On the Gamedev Camp’s site you can check out all of the games from the hardworking graduates.

Our contribution 

What about us: Sasha is already a regular guest there. Sasha comes to the camp to chat with students and to answer some of their questions regarding the recruitment area. Last year, we even created an article that has some of Sasha’s answers that could also be interesting for every specialist looking for a job. Definitely, check this out.

This time Sasha was at the camp again to discuss key moments about future job search of the graduates: what is the situation in the games industry with junior/middle positions? How to increase your chances to be invited for the next interview? How to be prepared for the recruitment process? So, needless to say, regarding the recruitment area Sasha provides the students with a value, humbly said, that is close to priceless. 

We’re happy to help newcomers in today’s turbulent times.
Thanks Gamedev Camp for such an opportunity.

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