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How to hire a Senior/Lead VFX Artist in a startup without released hits VERY FAST?

By 20.02.2023August 15th, 2023Blog

how_to_hire_senior_lead_vfx_artist_in_a_startupProject: AAА, First-Person Shooter Dark Souls Like, Hardcore, PC/Console.

Profile of the desirable candidate

The candidate had to work on similar projects, had deep experience of Houdini and Niagara. Reference companies – Crytek, Sperasoft, Ubisoft, People Can Fly, Remedy, Dice and others.

4 candidates had assessment tests. As a result, the client decided to make an offer to the candidate who felt the atmosphere of the project as much as possible. Also, he worked for one of the reference companies.

To be honest, the candidate refused to consider the offer at the beginning, and we had to work with objections. Now he says that he has become happier, so everything was not in vain!


There are not so many such Senior-level specialists on the market, and we had to fight for every answer from the candidates. The first challenge was to prepare the first letter from the recruiter, which would attract and make the candidate want to know more about the offer.

The main difficulty was the high demand for VFX artists, and companies maintain a decent level of wages and working conditions. So VFX artists are usually very loyal to their employer and are not looking for new job options. More often they consider only consulting or hourly work. Even the candidate who eventually accepted the offer considered part-time at the beginning.

Another difficulty was that some candidates refused because they could not trust the startup.

What helped to fill the vacancy

Thanks to a well-made presentation of the company, the candidates reacted quite positively to the project itself. Frankly speaking, the game that this team is developing really promises to be very cool. Our recruiter Dariia Tokar is waiting for the release of the project on PS and she will be one of the first buyers.

Another selling point was the right presentation of information about the team in which the candidate will work. Many were attracted by the fact that the star of the art industry works in the company, and some candidates agreed to talk only after they learned about it from the Values Value recruiter.

The client responded promptly enough and immediately responded to interesting candidates. Through the joint efforts of the team, we managed to bring a valuable specialist to the cool company.

How to hire a Senior/Lead VFX Artist in a startup without released hits VERY FAST?

From the Values Value side, the process was owned by Dariia Tokar, Recruitment Consultant.
Great job!

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