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Is It Okay To Ping A Recruiter If They Don’t Provide Feedback After An Interview?

By 04.10.2023Blog

Is It Okay To Ping A Recruiter If They Don't Provide Feedback After An Interview?At Values Value, during interviews, we typically go over our process. This involves preparing follow-up communication regarding the interview outcomes and sharing it with the hiring manager, along with the candidate’s CV. The hiring manager may require a certain number of days to provide feedback. Often, we establish this timeframe at the beginning of the process, and we commit to responding to the candidate after this period elapses.

It’s worth noting that most delays in the feedback process occur at this stage, and they are not necessarily the recruiter’s fault. If the recruiter hasn’t explained this process to you, it’s a good idea to ask about the expected timeline for receiving feedback. 

It’s entirely acceptable to inquire whether it’s appropriate to follow up with the recruiter if the agreed-upon feedback date passes without a response. This proactive approach will alleviate any concerns you may have, demonstrate your continued interest, and eliminate any awkwardness in reaching out because you’ve already discussed the possibility.

In summary, reaching out to the recruiter, or “pinging” them, is completely normal, especially if the feedback timeline extends beyond what was initially agreed upon.

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