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What can candidates do to be more visible to job recruiters?

By 26.04.2023August 15th, 2023Blog

Being active on social networks is crucial.
Make sure to create a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, providing detailed information about your experience, including tasks, responsibilities, and achievements.

Use relevant keywords that recruiters would search for, as different companies may use varied job titles such as software engineer, software developer, or developer. Mention your technology stack, project details, genre, and platforms where your work is released, if applicable.

If you’re an artist, keep an updated portfolio and add it to your LinkedIn profile. It’s also important to expand your network by connecting with as many contacts as possible.

If you’re actively job hunting, create profiles on various job boards, and include your portfolio, LinkedIn link, and other contact information. This is a helpful hack, as some companies may not have access to all features on job boards due to subscription limitations, making it easier for recruiters to find you with your contact details.

In addition to your LinkedIn profile, have a polished CV ready for submission, along with tailored cover letters if required. Take the time to include a couple of sentences that show you’ve read the role description and understand the company you’re applying to.

If we speak about recruitment agencies the best thing is to write a letter to each of them and say: “Hi, I’m open to new opportunities, what do you have?”. Because most agencies, I guess, have such clients that don’t necessarily have job openings on their site at the moment and they can just process an interesting candidate even if there is no open opportunity. It is good to be in touch with agencies and to be on their short list for the appropriate positions. So, take your time to write to top-15 games industry recruitment agencies.


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