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When There Are So Many Layoffs in Gamedev, Should I be Bothered? Maybe It is Time to Consider a Change of Industry?

By 11.03.2024Blog

When There Are So Many Layoffs in Gamedev, Should I be Bothered? Maybe It is Time to Consider a Change of Industry?This question needs to be looked at from various angles, reflecting on your professional experience and considering your current concerns. How worried are you about all the news of layoffs? Does this background worry hinder your ability to function and work normally? If so, you need an action plan.

1. First and foremost, assess the uniqueness and success of your experience. Have you been able to bring something new to the company, achieve outstanding results? If the answer is more yes, then you can feel more confident, as with such expertise and experience, even in the event of layoffs, it will be easier for you to find a new job in the industry.

2. Look at the job market to see how in-demand your field and profession are. If layoffs were to happen tomorrow, how many gaming companies could you apply to? Make an approximate list of these companies.

3. It’s also important to assess your emotional and psychological state. If the thought of layoffs, industry crises, or the rise of AI is depriving you of normal sleep, perhaps it’s worth seeking help from a therapist.

4. It wouldn’t hurt to create a “backup plan”, considering how you can apply your experience from the gaming industry to other fields and, most importantly, whether there are suitable vacancies in other industries. Evaluating other industries, check if there’s a crisis in them. How promising would your new activity be in a new industry for you? And overall, does the thought of a new industry interest you? It’s important that you enjoy your work.

5. If you realize that it makes sense to move into a new field, evaluate your decision from a financial point of view: will the new job cover your minimum financial needs at the start, or do you need a safety net/partner’s income/temporary freelance or consulting projects? How much time will you need to retrain? If you’ve considered all the risks and are ready for them, then we wish you good luck!

6. The truth is, money will continue to flow into the games industry because people have played and will continue to play. The question is just to weather this storm, see the emergence of new trends, and continue to create new hits. If your involvement in the industry and game production outweighs all these concerns, you probably won’t leave. But make sure you have plans B and C, just in case!

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for a job or if you want to get a sense of the job market.

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