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You ask for a skeptical, curious and scientific Product Manager? We have them in our database!

By 12.06.2023August 15th, 2023Blog

You ask for a skeptical, curious and scientific Product Manager? We have them in our database!As a small startup without successful projects released yet, but with a strong desire to build an exceptional team by hiring highly experienced specialists, you may wonder how to effectively convey your message to the desired candidates and make them want to work with you. At Values Value, we understand the importance of presenting your company in the best light to attract top talent.

Allow us to share a case study that highlights the benefits of working with a reputable recruitment agency in the market.

Project: Genre: Casual / Merge3. Android, iOS.

You ask for a skeptical, curious and scientific Product Manager? We have them in our database!Profile of the desirable candidate

We were searching for an experienced product manager with successful casual projects in their portfolio and proficiency in English. Our ideal candidate needed to be skeptical, curious, analytical, and scientific. The company was open to remote work or offered relocation to Moldova.


  1. A small company that was not particularly well-known in the market.
  2. Previous projects were developed by a small indie team and published on behalf of a publisher.
  3. The company heavily screened candidates, conducting comprehensive competency interviews with the assistance of external consultants.

What helped to fill the vacancy

An image-building article highlighting a recent $6 million investment helped significantly in increasing candidates’ trust in the unknown company. Additionally, we emphasized the expertise of the team in presentations, highlighting that the stakeholders came from a highly successful studio.

The main success in working on this vacancy was the Values Value candidate database. We had candidates who we had recently processed, those who reached out to us for career advice, or those with whom we had a long-standing connection. Within the first 8 days of working on the vacancy, we presented 6 relevant candidates to the client, all of whom were invited for technical interviews. Out of those, 3 candidates successfully passed the competency interviews. The finalist was ultimately hired from this pool.

Thanks for the great job done by Anna Vashchenko, our Recruitment Lead, and Valeria Bakhvalova, the Head of Sourcing.

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