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A Producer in the ex-CIS region is not a Product Manager in the USA. How to hire with a difference in terminology?

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A Producer in the ex-CIS region is not a Product Manager in the USA. How to hire with a difference in terminology?A startup with HQ in the USA was looking for a Product Manager remotely. Called producers in the CIS region, candidates who fully met the requirements were rejected by the client due to differences in terminology.

Project: Casual, Match3, Mobile.

case_study_process_in_numbersProfile of the desirable candidate

The company was looking for a proactive candidate with strong analytical and communication skills, with relevant experience on successful projects of the match3 genre who can own the game.


When we presented the client with some highly skilled specialists from the ex-CIS region with the producer positions in their CV, who perfectly met the requirements, the company declined them. We found out that there was a discrepancy in the interpretation of roles in the Western and CIS markets. In America, a producer carries out the duties of a project manager, rather than a product manager. Therefore, we had to address the client’s concerns and illustrate, using the candidates’ expertise, that a producer in the CIS is equivalent to a product manager in America.

Also, there were the usual difficulties due to the genre of the project: candidates no longer want to work with casual match3 projects.

A lot of potential candidates were discouraged by the fact that the startup failed to gain momentum and only made a small profit after a period of two years. 

What helped to fill the vacancy

We’ve found a promising candidate in the CIS who possesses valuable experience working for an outsourcing company on several successful titles. He’s well-versed in the casual/match 3 project market, has an analytical background, and proficient in English.

To demonstrate the stability of the company, the founder presented a comprehensive project plan and metrics to the candidate. Additionally, the company received investments that serve as a guarantee of its reliability.

The time difference was not the problem, the candidate was ready to work in the evenings since he had a consulting activity during the day. Moreover, the client offered the specialist an attractive salary package.

From the Values Value side, the process was owned by Anna Vaschenko, the Recruitment Lead, and by Valeria Bakhvalova, the Head of Sourcing. Well done, girls!

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